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Summer Joy Silver

Texas Agate Ring (‘06 Ranch)

Texas Agate Ring (‘06 Ranch)

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One of my favorite areas in the world is west Texas. Terlingua, Ft Davis, Marfa, Balmorhea… not only is it wide open and vast and beautiful, the geological structure of the area has created some of the very best specimens of agate I ever seen. My husband and I have had opportunity to go out there and essentially revert to our childhood, collecting “pretty rocks,” which he later cuts to uncover incredible patterns and colors in a variety of jaspers and agates.

A place we have not had the chance to go rockhounding while there is the ‘06 (aught six) Ranch. People consistently unearth new and unusual agates there. I scored a small slab of ‘06 agate at a local rock shop some months ago, which Ryan carefully shaped and polished to draw out the delicate lacy patterns amidst smokey translucent rock. The resulting cabs were nothing short of exquisite. I snatched them before they could go in the stone sales pile, so that I could hopefully create jewelry with them that would suitably show them off.

When I do this - that is, when I find a stone that virtually speaks to me. I have to study it - spend time thinking about how ornate the design should be. I have come to the conclusion that when the stone is ornate, the setting should be simple. Such was the case here. With murky depths, surrounding complex gossamer designs, it demanded a double band and uncomplicated setting.

The finished product resulted in a classic agate ring - yet unique, as it is a small piece of Texas (and perhaps a piece of your heart, as Texas is mine), created over countless millennia, to wear and love and enjoy.

Sterling silver, Size 9, not resizable.

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