Morenci II Greek Style Open Cross

Summer Joy Silver

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There are generally two styles of crosses; one is the Latin cross, which features an elongated descending arm, and one is the Greek cross, which has four arms of equal length, like a plus sign.

This beautiful cross features a special piece of turquoise from the Morenci II mine in Mexico. This particular cabochon has swirls of deep turquoise, dark blue, and earthy brown with shimmering pyrite mixed in, as if someone took a snapshot of the world from space. The bezel surrounding this North American turquoise has additional detail, almost as if it has been set in a crown. Silver beading at the tips of the arms completes the look, and a larger bail allows it to be worn with larger chains or small bead necklaces. Cross measures 1 3/4" tall by 1 3/4" wide. Sterling Silver.