Choose Your Stone - Ring or Pendant - Variscite

Summer Joy Silver

Regular price $100.00

One of the prettiest stones I know of, and available in a wide assortment of colors and matrix. Variscite is more rare than turquoise, but it is not as well known. This assortment gives you the option of a light or dark stone medium sized stone. Varieties included here are Lucin, Snowville, Mystic Sage, New Lander, and C & T Variscites (the variety name simply indicates the mine it came from). Rings will have a simple single band. All settings and components are smithed using sterling silver. 

Love the stone but not any of these settings? Message me directly and we can discuss other design options for you. I have other options such as rope, large beads, stamping, and more that can be used to create exactly the piece you are looking for!